Author: Randy Bartholomew

The Bridge to Consciousness

“Sacred Geometry is the bridge between the physical world in which we live                            and the spiritual world we seek.”                                                                       Bartholomew

The Other 90%

We have all been told, individually and collectively, we are only using 10% of our capacity.  No one ever tells us where the other 90% is, how to access it or what it is. The other 90% lies within the expansion of our consciousness.  The other 90% is the open door to  access our spiritual consciousness, our awareness to the universe of spiritual enlightenment.

By building with the patterns of sacred geometry, we are molding the patterns of the universe, nature, into our living environment.  These patterns resonate, vibrate,  on the levels of creation that open our spiritual awareness to enlightenment.

Sacred geometry is the bridge between the 10% we use and the 90% we seek.

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