Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, University of Texas Austin
Licensed Architect, State of Texas Rg. No. 5124
Licensed Interior Designer, State of Texas Rg. No. 11631

Current Practice

For the past thirty years, Bartholomew’s practice has concentrated on school design, commercial and private projects, as well as an array of independent design projects such as single family homes. His experience has also been in the area of the Federal Government assignments. His projects have

won awards from the American Institute of Architects, Texas Society of Architects and Texas School Board Assn. In addition to design services, Bartholomew engages in project management services in the delivery of a final completed, built project.

Civic Involvement and Practice

Board of Adjustment, City of Alamo Heights, 1994-2008: Participated as co-member on committee for the city of Alamo Heights to write design guidelines for residential design to control the scale of the growth within the inner city neighborhoods. The resulting work was presented and utilized in preparation of the currently used final Alamo Heights Design Guidelines.

Bartholomew’s Philosophy about Architecture

The purpose of Architecture is to act as our second skin, to free our spirit, as does nature. Nature is constructed using specific geometric proportions and ratios, called Sacred Geometry. Its Sacred because it is structure of nature and the universe. This will be the structure of our Architecture, the pattern of our living environment. Bartholomew’s work is structured in Sacred Geometry, to blend with nature, resonate with universe, and to nourish our spirit. The

entire universe, our universe, is constructed in Sacred Geometric patterns. Our living space needs to blend with the geometry of the universe and nature by implementing these ratios and proportions as our module for design.

The human presence is the balancing element between the changing and the unchanging worlds. We have all been told collectively that we only use 10% of our potential. But no one tells us how to access the other 90%. That 90% is in the expansion of our consciousness. Building with Sacred Geometry bridges that gap giving us access to the other 90%. This will fulfill our life’s

purpose, to expand our spiritual consciousness. It will provide the bridge for us to span between the physical world we live in and the spiritual world we seek

Bartholomew maintains project control from start to finish by coordinating all aspects and disciplines of design and construction to arrive at the final constructed project. Bartholomew Co. is a full service architectural firm based in Austin, Texas.