Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

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“Im glad you are involved. I now know it will all be completed and coordinated as it should be.”

Project:  The first Social Security Regional Office fully integrating inter discipline electronic sharing of data for Social Security benefits.

Client: Linda A.: Project Director; General Services Administration


“Your involvement insures me that things will happen, in order and correctly, you make things happen.”

Project: Developer owner private real estate

Client:   Larry B.: Property manager, private real estate holding company


“Randy’s design talents go way beyond what any other architect has to offer. His experience in design coupled with development /construction is a true positive.”

Project: Residential development of inner city residences

Client:   M. East: Real estate attorney, property owner


“Randy is the most creative and talented architect I have ever worked with.”

Client: Tom R.: Real Estate Developer, San Antonio


“This is absolutely amazing. I give you a box to design and you give me a house  that actually lives, it feels like it breathes.”

Private Client:  C.G.; Private residential project


“You have been given this project because of your relationship with the district and ability to coordinate the numerous moving parts efficiently and completely. Your skill at coordination of the parts of a complex project Your knowledge and experience are greatly appreciated.”

Assoc. Supt., Facilities Director, Manager: Northeast ISD, San Antonio

Project: Board Room and Conference Center



“This is amazing. The energy balancing, the geometric adjustment of my house has made me feel more comfortable, creative and free to just be in my own space. This is totally amazing. Its wonderful.   Thank you.”

Client: A.P., Private residence energy adjustment and balancing, San Antonio